Gurmail Paddan – Head of Acoustics & Vibration, Institute of Naval Medicine

Gurmail graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Bath University, followed by a PhD from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR), University of Southampton on the effects of vibration on the human body (biodynamics).

He has worked on all aspects of humans and vibrations including whole-body, hand-arm and motion sickness. He was a Senior Research Fellow at the ISVR before taking up the post of Head of Acoustics and Vibration at the Institute of Naval Medicine Gosport UK.

The Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) is a Centre of Excellence which brings together scientists and medical professionals to improve the health of the UK Armed Forces.

His current position involves measuring, assessing and offering advice on human exposure to both noise and vibration. He has published widely on human vibrations and is a member of the British Standards committees of human exposure to vibration and on hearing protection.

SHOCK Mitigation Solutions Workshop - April 2019
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Managing Whole Body Vibration in small boats within the Ministry of Defence

This presentation deals with the way in which the Ministry of Defence addressed the management of exposure to whole-body vibration occurring in small boats. The MOD was first granted a derogation certificate and an exemption certificate from Control of Vibration at Work Regulations in June 2010. These certificates expired on 6 July 2015 and further certificates were granted until July 2020.

Various strands of work were put in place to deal with controlling exposure to vibration; these were mainly based around the various vibration regulations (assessment of risk, elimination or control of exposure to vibration, health surveillance, information instruction and training, exemptions). The different areas of work and how these have, and are, controlling and reducing exposure are discussed.