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John Haynes - Managing Director

John is an Associate Fellow of The Nautical Institute, Fellow of RINA, Commercial Yachtmaster Ocean and Advanced Powerboat Instructor. Subject matter expertise includes 30 years professional sector training, consultancy and strategic product development. He has worked with over 100 organisations including military, SAR, police, commercial operators, designers, OEM equipment manufacturers and boat builders. He writes specialist articles on future requirements and new technology for maritime publications and chairs international conferences.

Claire Donnelly - Operations Manager

Claire manages a broad range of logistics and has a talent for taking on new challenges. Expertise includes keeping up to date with digital innovation and global market analysis of specialist marine sectors. She is a qualified PHP MySQL programmer who has developed and launched over 100 websites. Since 2010 she has managed internal IT for the company along with HTML email communications and effective social media to support technology and innovation. She enjoys interacting with clients and organising specialist events for the marine industry.

Peter Foot - Science & Engineering Advisor

Peter spent the majority of his career as a UK crown civil servant within the Ministry of Defence, developing skills in creative design and project management of military systems in the Land environment and across all defence lines of development. His marine projects have encompassed high speed combat support craft, specialist boats and amphibious vehicles with load capacity to ferry main battle tanks. Peter had a major role in successful scientific studies to apply full motion simulation media within the training environment.

James Ellison - Business Development

James has extensive experience ranging from E-Learning solutions and personal development to IT project management. James brings a unique skills profile to our team, matching a passion and knowledge of the ocean with an astute business background, alongside a track record of implementing change in blue chip organisations. By utilising the global reach of NEXT GEN events along with the digital RIB & HSC platform, he is introducing a new perspective with solutions designed to benefit marine organisations and industry at all levels.

Jamie Helsby - Design & Graphic Art

Jamie is a qualified graphic artist who has been at the forefront of the graphic design industry for 20 years. He has an enviable reputation for commitment to providing innovative and relevant design solutions, backed by a thorough understanding of the principles of business and marketing. Expert custom design, original ideas and attention to detail are his hallmark. He is passionate about design utilising genuine creative ability. He is dedicated to meeting the goals of NEXT GEN, on time and with the highest technical standards for print and digital media.

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