Marine Energy Training

NEW for Autumn 2022
We have developed 3 short courses to deliver via Zoom, Teams or Face To Face for organisations working with sub 24 metre vessels.

For end-users this creates a common language for understanding the challenges and opportunities. Technology companies can learn how their offering fits as part of the solution.

Each course contains the latest information and is delivered in 4 hours total.
3 focussed sessions have dynamic Q&A at the end of each section.


Course #1: NEXT GEN Marine ENERGY >

Covers current internal combustion engines (ICE) / Battery-Electric / Hybrid / Modified ICE - dual fuel & flexi fuel / Hydrogen / Infrastructure / Safety.


Course #2: NEXT GEN Marine BATTERY >

Opportunities & challenges / Speed - range - weight considerations / 100% Battery-Electric / Parallel & Serial hybrid / Lithium Ion / Charging / Safety.


Course #3: NEXT GEN Marine HYDROGEN >

Hydrogen - sources & colours / Hydrogen gas - liquid - solid / Fuel cell / Dual fuel & flexi fuel / Transportation & storage onshore & onboard / Regulations / Safety.


Each course aims to provide awareness of rapidly changing energy requirements for sub IMO / sub 24m sectors. This knowledge is increasingly relevant for 25m to 50m vessels as coastal operations and infrastructure evolves.

Course Developer

John Haynes AFNI FRINA, has organised working groups, workshops, conferences on next generation marine energy, hybrid systems, stored energy on both sides of the Atlantic attended by hundreds of significant organisations. See NEXT GEN Attendees

Who Should Attend?

Relevant to ALL stakeholders involved in energy transition. Professional, commercial, military organisations. OEM manufacturers, boat builders, refit yards, engineers, naval architects, ports, harbours, marinas, regional and government agencies.

CPD Certificate

 For Continuing Professional Development a certificate is issued to each person attending the course.

To find out more about NEXT GEN Marine ENERGY Training contact:

Claire Donnelly +44 (0)7709 675258