10 Reasons Why Your Organisation Should Attend MOB Workshop:

1.    Learn simple solutions to improve safety plans for operations on and around water.

2.    Understand the man overboard’s perspective and effects of wearing PPE in water.

3.    Clarify why rapid return to the MOB plus effective recovery onboard saves lives.

4.    Learn how vessel design can influence recovery and lifting of a live casualty.

5.    Consider what electronic devices are effective aids to location for an MOB.

6.    Discover why new technology still needs Mark One Eyeball in a rescue situation.

7.    Gain knowledge of how rescues are coordinated remotely and in area of the MOB.

8.    Consider responsibility & liability for organisation & individual from MOB incident.

9.    Join industry group sharing experiences and identifying genuine best practice.

10.  Learn why a joined up approach to casualty recovery and critical care is essential.

Background to NEXT GEN Events

NEXT GEN specialist events provide an independent platform where maritime organisations address relevant issues and share knowledge between sectors.
The objective is to bring together people with genuine experience to share knowledge and endeavour to improve best practice across all maritime sectors. International support has been excellent from both end-user organisations and the marine industry.

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John Haynes AFNI FRINA - Workshop Lead

John has chaired a broad range of maritime conferences and workshops. Subject matter expertise includes 30 years professional sector training, consultancy and strategic product development. He has worked with over 100 organisations including military,…

Nicholas Hance - Principal Inspector, Marine Accident Investigation Branch

Nick started his career in the MOD as a naval architect in various posts relating to warship safety; specifically stability, hydrodynamics and human factors. In 2002 he joined the Marine Accident Investigation Branch as an inspector and has been a lead inspector for over 50 accidents,…

Karen Bosman - Maritime Operations Specialist, HM Coastguard

Karen is a Maritime Operations Specialist (MOS) based at the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) in Fareham. She has been a Coastguard for 10 years, having joined as a Direct Entry Watch Officer in Solent Coastguard. She eventually worked her way up to Watch Manager before Solent…

Miguel Vieira de Castro - President, APIBARRA (Portuguese Pilots Association)

Miguel Vieira de Castro is 51 years old and the proud father of three sons. He has been involved in the maritime sector for more than 28 years, when he started its career at sea, sailing mainly in Tankers and LPG/C. He graduated in 1990…

Alistair Hackett - Managing Director, Ocean Safety

Alistair spent 16 years as Logistics Director at The Challenge Business and was involved in the support of all 51 of the Global Challenge circumnavigations including that of Dee Caffari in 2005/6. Joined Ocean Safety in Southampton as General Manager in 2006…

Lewis Arnold - Operations Manager (Lifeboats), RNLI

Lewis joined the RNLI as a volunteer in Portsmouth in 2007. He soon realised that Search & Rescue was something he had a passion for, becoming a member of the Flood Rescue team in 2008 and joining the Thames crew at Chiswick…

Paul Savage OBE - Maritime Medical Solutions Consultant, Saviour Medical

Paul walked into a Lifeboat station on his 17th birthday and never left, initially volunteering at Poole and now at Tower Lifeboat in London. With his interest in remote and maritime paramedical medicine he joined the RNLI full time…

James Fanshawe CBE - Chairman, Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group

James Fanshawe retired from the Royal Navy in 2005. An Anti-Submarine warfare specialist, he commanded HMS Hurworth, HMS Cleopatra, HMS Fearless and was the Commander United Kingdom Task Group and Commander of the Devonport Flotilla. He held several senior appointments ashore…

Mark Covell - Marine Consultant, Exposure Lights

After a successful career as a professional sailor, Mark has enjoyed using his experience to consult and inform both public and business. Professional Sailor (1992-2015) - Volvo Ocean Race crew (2008-2009) - GBR Challenge British America’s Cup crew  (2003-2004) - Silver medallist Sydney Olympic Games (2000)…

Jon Lewis - Maritime Command, UK Border Force

Inspired by a voyage on the STA vessel “Winston Churchill” Jon started his career at sea as an Engineering cadet with Texaco overseas Tankships in 1979, studying at Reardon Smith in Cardiff and Warsash (Argyle Road) in Southampton. Jon joined HM Customs and…