NEXT GEN Managing Director - John Haynes 

'Our consultancy is based on a practical approach - helping to blend traditional marine operations with emerging technology and new methods.'

'Having worked with many maritime organisations we have insight into the possibilities and the realities for different sectors, roles and locations.
Our overall aim is to support efficiency by all means.'


Consultancy – Analysis – Feasibility Studies

To Support Decision Making for Organisations

Military & Government

Commercial Marine Operators

National – Regional – Local Authorities

Policy Makers & Legislators

Ports & Harbours

Energy Investors

Relevant to Companies providing Solutions

Technology – Engineering – Support Services

Commercial & Military Boat Builders

Superyacht Builders & Refit Yards

Designers & Naval Architects

Power & Propulsion OEMs

Alternative Fuel & Energy Providers

Battery Manufacturers & Integrators

Specialist Knowledge related to Energy Transition

Focus on UK – EU – US – Canada

Sub 24m Professional vessels

25m to 100m Professional vessels

Ports & Harbours – Infrastructure

Future Requirements & Capability

Commercial Drivers & Timelines

Energy Security & Availability

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NEXT GEN Consultancy contact:

Claire Donnelly   +44 (0)7709 675258


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