Consultancy – Shaped By Experience

We listen to your objectives then bring our unique

perspective to your challenges and opportunities.

To support decision making we deliver practical,

real-world information for all sizes of organisation.

Analysis – A Deeper Dive

We use our expertise and experience to deliver

100% focus on your specific areas of interest.

From strategic product development to

maritime operations in a rapidly changing world.

Feasibility Meets Viability

We deliver insight into the possibilities and realities

for different maritime sectors, roles and locations.

Helping to blend traditional marine operations

with emerging technology and new methods.

NEXT GEN Workshop Lead – John Haynes

Our expertise and knowledge ranges from specialist safety

to energy transition and vessels of the future.

The overall aim is to assist maritime decision makers

and to support efficiency by all means.

For information about NEXT GEN Consultancy

Claire Donnelly   +44 (0)7709 675258


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