NEXT GEN Workshops

Bring together international groups of professionals to

address specific topics - with focus on sub 24m vessels.

The combination of fast moving presentations and dynamic

discussions have made this format incredibly effective.

NEXT GEN Presenters

Unique half day and one day workshops provide a practical

and fact based approach to marine energy and safety.

Over 100 expert presenters from UK, EU, US - knowledge

is increasingly relevant for 25m to 100m and ports.

NEXT GEN Attendees

Military - Navy - Coast Guard - Govt Agencies - Workboats

Police - Pilots - Wind Farm Support - SAR - Superyacht

 Boat Builders - Designers - Technology OEMs

Ports - Harbours - Marinas - Classification - Legislators

NEXT GEN Workshop Lead – John Haynes

We are proud that the unique insight gained from

NEXT GEN Workshops assists maritime decision makers.

From upgrading in-service systems to

procurement of next generation vessels.

For information about NEXT GEN Workshops

Claire Donnelly   +44 (0)7709 675258


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