RS & WBV Awareness for:

Work Boats  //  Patrol Craft  //  Military Vessels  //  Search & Rescue

Wind Farm Support  //  Pilot Boats  //  Offshore  //  Wind Farm Support

Police & Security  //  Training & Charter Vessels  //  Superyacht Tenders

Relevant to Professional – Commercial – Military:

End-user Organisations  //  Operators  //  Procurement

Boat Builders  //  Technology Manufacturers  //  Engineers

Designers  //  Legislators  //  HSE  //  Ports  //  Harbours

Topics Include:

Understanding Repetitive Shock and Whole Body Vibration on boats.

Evolution and characteristics of fast craft, workboats and RIBs.

UK & EU vibration directives, international standards and guidance.

What and where are the forces that affect crews and passengers.

Planning and techniques operators can use to reduce effects of RS & WBV.

Why boat operators and crews should adopt a culture of injury prevention.

Shock mitigation technology and suspension seating.

Data logging and decision making tools.

How other sectors operating planing craft manage RS & WBV.

Using relevant knowledge and effective briefings to improve safety.

 Course Objectives

This unique course provides awareness of the latest industry best practice
regarding Repetitive Shock and Whole Body Vibration
on all sizes of fast craft, workboats and RIBs.

Who Should Attend?

ALL stakeholders involved in operating, designing
and supporting planing craft on the sea, lakes or estuaries.
Attendees include management, crews and professional passengers.

Course Developer

John Haynes has delivered RS & WBV training for over 15 years.
He has organised working groups, workshops and conferences on next generation marine safety attended by hundreds of international organisations.

Course Background

In 2021 John Haynes led a working group for the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) that created MGN 436: 'Whole Body Vibration: Guidance on Mitigating Against the Effects of Shocks and Impacts on Small Vessels.'

CPD Certificate

A certificate is issued to each person attending the course to support
Continuing Professional Development.

Feedback from recent RS & WBV Courses:

‘The focus on repetitive shock was very valuable’

‘Knocks out any complacency that may have crept in.’

‘Professional well presented course as expected.
Ticked all the boxes.’

For information about RS & WBV Training

Claire Donnelly  +44 (0)7709 675258

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