James Glover - Managing Director, DYENA

A naval architect and design engineer with over 20 years experience in automotive, motorsport and high speed marine craft design with technical skills focused around mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system design.

Before forming Dyena, James was Head of Engineering Design for a high performance powerboat company, focusing on defence and commercial high speed craft design.

Since releasing their original device in 2012, Dyena has continued to advance their vessel monitoring systems, supplying government agencies including the Royal Navy, US Navy, and commercial wind farm operators such as EON and RWE.


Vessel and Crew Health Monitoring to aid Operators Managing Fleets and Staff

Traditionally vessels are built to withstand their operational environment, based upon historical evidence of the forces they can withstand. It was the human occupants that decided the limit of exertion they could withstand. With health legislation making it a requirement of all organisations to ensure that their staff are protected from excessive exposure to shock and vibration during transits, more vessels are being fitted with shock absorbing equipment to protect the crew. With a more comfortable operating environment, the same crew can now exploit more of the vessel’s performance, increasing stress and loads on the hull and equipment around the boat.

In the past, an impact of 5g may have caused the crew to slow down, but now with suspension seats they may feel comfortable to travel whilst the vessel is receiving impacts of 10g. As well as the obvious increased stress on the hull, this now means that anything fitted within the vessel is facing double the impact loads. Engine mounts that happily supported weight of the powertrain, may no longer absorb the load placed on them and damage the engine. Monitoring the speeds and impact forces of the vessel and its occupants allow an operator to protect their investment and better forewarn the crew if they are approaching the safe operational limit.

Dyena OFFSHORE is a vessel and crew health monitoring solution designed to aid operators in managing the fleet and wellbeing of their staff. Features include information on position, performance and crew manifest plus recording acceleration and vessel motion in 6 axes. System can monitor and review engine parameters along with vessel use for condition based maintenance.


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