Enhanced Seat Cushion Performance and Non-Mechanical Shock Mitigation Solutions

As experts in understanding impact and shock experienced during all modes of transport, SKYDEX engineers are developing shock mitigating seat cushions for the marine sector ranging from ‘jockey-style’ on RIBs to ‘truck-style’ wheelhouse seating. SKYDEX solutions are particularly suitable for vessels unable to accommodate mechanical suspension seating due to weight / footprint / cost. The metrics demonstrate how foam cushions can be replaced with innovative SKYDEX cushions to reduce the effects of RS (Repeated Shock) and WBV (Whole Body Vibration). This improved protection can be achieved within the existing seat footprint and with no weight gain.

Designed using highly durable materials, SKYDEX relies on its polymer structures, not trapped or pressurized air, for cushioning and impact absorption. Requiring no set up or adjustments and performing in multi-axes, which improves shock mitigation and comfort in a wide range of sea conditions, the cushions are ideal for marine use. SKYDEX seat cushions are available as a retrofit cushion solution or to further optimize the performance of mechanical suspensions seats.

SKYDEX is a high-performance technology company that engineers customized impact and cushioning solutions. As a leading global supplier to the armed forces, SKYDEX is engineered to excel in the harshest and most demanding conditions. From blast-mitigating decking installed in 20,000 military vehicles to impact-absorbing components in bomb suits, SKYDEX engineers its propriety, geometry-based technologies to meet specific requirements that maximizes both product and end-user performance. Over the past decade, SKYDEX has installed impact mitigating decking in 6,000 marine craft and recently developed a new range of products to meet the requirements of commercial operations.


James Taylor - President & CEO, SKYDEX Technologies

For almost 30 years Jim Taylor has been focused on developing innovative and highly engineered products for a variety of technically demanding industries. As President & CEO of SKYDEX since 2014, Jim has focused the company on technology innovation, streamlining its development processes and expanding the applications of its technology portfolio. He is proud of the hard work and dedication of the SKYDEX team that is providing its customers with outstanding service and is developing new products for many military and commercial markets.

Educated as an electrical engineer, his early engineering work focused on the design of military, industrial and medical electronics. For the last 20 years Jim has been the President & CEO of public and private entrepreneurial technology companies providing electronic and mechanical products to military, medical and commercial markets. He has a successful track record of leading domestic and international teams to create a vision and strategy for a business, followed by effective execution of the strategy.