John Haynes - Managing Director, NEXT GEN Marine / Workshop Lead

John has led a broad range of maritime working groups, workshops and conferences. Subject matter expertise includes 30 years professional sector training, consultancy and strategic product development. He has worked with over 100 organisations including military, SAR, police, commercial operators, equipment manufacturers & boat builders.

He is an Associate Fellow of The Nautical Institute, Fellow of RINA, Commercial Yachtmaster Ocean and Advanced Powerboat Instructor. Voted Seawork Maritime Professional of the Year. Technical papers and specialist articles on future requirements and new technology for international publications include Ship & Boat International (RINA), Defence IQ, Maritime Reporter, Marine Link, Marine News, Maritime Journal, Seaways, Maritime Pilot Journal, Powerboat & RIB, Yachting Matters (Superyacht), Ship & Offshore. He is founder of NEXT GEN which brings together a unique mix of specialist knowledge and innovation for professional maritime operators in the sub IMO / sub 24m sectors worldwide. Increasingly relevant for 25m to 100m and the ports they operate from.


Global & Sector Opportunities for all forms of Hydrogen and Vessel Updates

Incorporating Hydrogen or derivatives in new vessel designs is attracting global interest, with re-power a significant opportunity for in-service craft. Alongside of Hydrogen powered vessels, portside infrastructure will need rapid investment with focus on flexibility and safety. Driven by decarbonisation and emissions compliance, the focus is now on Hydrogen technology that is available today or in the very near future. The first commercial vessels using Hydrogen as a dual duel in ICE or via fuel cell for battery-electric propulsion commenced operations in 2022 for  the sub 24m sectors. This knowledge and scaling of technology is now relevant for vessels in the 25m to 100m range. Demonstration projects and early adopter vessels can be investigated to learn from experiences of operating at sea and refuelling in port. Acceptance of hydrogen and derivatives by legislators, classification societies, insurers, vessel owners and operators is essential to enable progress towards net zero.


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