Update on British Standards Whole Body Vibration Panel

There has been a flurry of activity in the marine seating and fleet operator communities over the past few years surrounding the development of a reliable and repeatable test standard for shock mitigating seats. For a while, there was good progress made in formulating an ISO standard for testing the vertical-axis performance of shock mitigating seats, but recent disagreements between factions within the committee have resulted in the cancellation of the working group.

This presentation details the status of ISO 19470 “Mechanical vibration and shock – Laboratory evaluation of vertical marine seat shock isolation”, the plan within the UK standards community for how to deal with standardising test metrics, and a “call to arms” to generate research within the manufacturer and operator communities to aid in the formulation of the next set of seat testing standards, which are anticipated to focus on other axes and magnitudes of shock mitigation.


Phill Moxley - Senior Noise and Vibration Engineer, Frazer-Nash / BS WBV Panel

Phill is a Senior Engineer with Frazer-Nash Consultancy, working within the Measurement, Noise and Vibration Group. As part of this, he has spent the past two years embedded at the Naval Design Partnering, where he has been leading the UK MoD’s vibration dosimetry program, undertaking first of class trials on platforms fitted with shock mitigating seats, and developing the MoD’s shock mitigating seat testing and procurement process.

Additionally, Phill has been working as a UK expert on behalf of BSi within ISO WG18, representing British interests in the development of an international standard for testing the effectiveness of shock mitigating seats. He has also undertaken noise and vibration assessments on both MoD and commercial platforms and, in particular, has undertaken work to develop the head and torso simulator methodology for noise exposure on open high-speed craft. Prior to this, he worked as an environmental consultant in the offshore oil and gas industry, and undertook a research project on human responses to whole-body vibration within the Human Factors Research Unit, at Southampton University’s Institute of Sound and Vibration Research

SHOCK Mitigation Solutions Workshop - April 2019
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