Prof Alasdair Cairns – Chair of Propulsion Systems, University of Nottingham

Professor of Mechanical Engineering with a background in low carbon propulsion systems within both academia and industry. Member of the Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group.

Expertise includes, hybrid powertrain systems integration, powertrain thermal management (e-machine, batteries, IC engines), low carbon IC engines and fuels (heavy duty and light duty, H2, ammonia, biofuel), advanced combustion systems (HCCI/CAI, turbulent jet ignition, dual fuel), advanced electric machines (design, operation, manufacture).

Former positions include Deputy Head of Mechanical Engineering Department and Professor of Automotive Engineering, Brunel University London, Principal Research & Development Engineer at MAHLE Powertrain, Senior Research & Development Engineer at Cosworth Technology.


NEXT GEN Marine HYDROGEN 2023: Workshop Objectives

With safety always front and centre, NEXT GEN Marine HYDROGEN highlights effective solutions for workboats, ferries, patrol craft, military vessels, SAR, wind farm support, super yachts and unmanned craft. With focus on sub 24m vessels, topics are also relevant for 25m to 100m vessels plus the ports and harbours they operate from. The workshop combines international marine energy expertise with dynamic Q&A sessions. End-users and industry come together to identify viable solutions and technology readiness levels. NEXT GEN Marine HYDROGEN focusses on viable Hydrogen technology that is available today or in the very near future. The unique knowledge gained from NEXT GEN workshops helps to shape real world decisions, from modifying in-service powertrains to shaping requirements for next generation vessels. Attendees include commercial, government and military organisations, boat builders, engine manufacturers, technology developers, engineers, naval architects, class societies and legislators.


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