Dynamic Group Come Together for Energy Training

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The Grand Harbour Southampton UK

The words 'you really can't beat meeting face to face' were heard quite a few times in Southampton this October as a super group came together at the Grand Harbour for two days of NEXT GEN Energy and Hybrid Courses.

The company was excellent and the hotel looks great - especially at night. Plenty of coffee breaks plus casual lunches enable people to meet and share ideas. Professional networking at its best!

On day one the NEXT GEN Marine ENERGY course gave an overview of all potential fuels and energy with focus on vessels up to 24 metre. From how we arrived at our current petrol and diesel powertrains through to the opportunities and challenges of battery-electric and hybrid. The potential for hydrogen, methanol and ammonia included the need for infrastructure and technology readiness levels.

On day two the NEXT GEN Marine HYBRID course took a deeper dive into 100% battery-electric powertrains. Looking at what fits best and being realistic about the limitations. When you have varying energy demands or need to range extend hybrid has great potential. As proved by real world case studies the options are increasing. With innovative solutions vessels can reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption.

It was clear that everyone really enjoyed coming together and sharing ideas. From early morning coffee to end of day there was plenty of lively conversation. In a mixed group you simply don't know who you are going to meet or what you are going to learn. This is where innovation and genuine collaboration springs from.

The varied group included vessel and system designers, engine developers, electric and hybrid specialists, fire safety experts, integrators and re-fitters. Along with military, commercial and luxury boat builders. It was an absolute pleasure to be back in the room together with old friends plus a few new ones.

NEXT GEN always aims to deliver fact based, cutting edge information and we like the hard questions! With a group like this the dynamic discussions are a catalyst for concepts and ideas to be developed in the real world. Although focus is on sub 24m this knowledge is increasingly relevant for 25m to 100m, along with ports and harbours.

We have a long history of running training on both sides of the Atlantic and were already running international video briefings and training when Covid hit so it was easy to pivot. The upside is that virtually everyone can now join a video call so the world has become smaller. These two courses are available globally via Teams or Zoom.

NEXT GEN timeline is always based on what can you specify now - by 2025 - by 2030. If you are interested in this unique mix of training plus workshops and professional networking do make contact and join the group.

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