Marine RS & WBV Awareness - Half Day Course

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4 Hour Courses Run In Person or via Teams or Zoom

RS & WBV Courses are now available in person or globally via Teams or Zoom. This unique 4 hour course can be delivered to individual organisations or you can join a mixed group.

Updated in 2024, the Marine RS & WBV Awareness Course is relevant for ALL boat operations. If you operate vessels at planing speed this half day course can help to make your team safer and more efficient.

Over the past decade we have worked with maritime organisations that have replaced entire fleets, upgraded suspension seats, gathered vibration data and improved operating procedures. We have now brought this experience together in the Marine RS & WBV Awareness Course.

Topics are relevant to ALL stakeholders involved in designing, operating and supporting marine operations on sea, estuaries or rivers. This includes onshore managers, crews and professional passengers on planing craft, workboats and RIBs. Courses are recognised by professional maritime organisations and attendees receive the Marine RS & WBV Awareness certificate.

In recent years a series of accidents and incidents have highlighted the risks associated with impact, vibration and poor ergonomics on boats. Managing Repeated Shock and Whole Body Vibration in the maritime workplace is now a part of health and safety for many operators.

Divided into three sessions the course includes time for dynamic Q&A:

Session 1 gives an overview of Professional Boat Operations. 

Session 2 delivers RS & WBV Awareness for the on water crew. 

Session 3 highlights RS & WBV Solutions for all the team.

For information about RS & WBV Training:

Claire Donnelly   +44 (0)7709 675258




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