NEXT GEN Marine HYBRID Course in Southampton

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Grand Harbour Southampton UK 13 March 2024

This cutting edge one day course is being run on 13 March 2024 at the Grand Harbour hotel and conference centre, Southampton UK.

The aim is to provide the latest fact based information to address the challenges of decarbonising - from single vessels to fleets. Focused on sub 24m vessels, the course is also relevant for 25m to 100m vessels - plus the ports and harbours they operate from. 

NEXT GEN Marine HYBRID - 13 March 2024 >

New for 2024, NEXT GEN Marine HYBRID course brings together modified ICE with clean fuels, battery-electric and onshore infrastructure. The aim of innovative hybrid systems is to enhance conventional power and propulsion systems. With these here and now solutions, vessels can reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption - whilst extending engine maintenance periods and engine life.

John Haynes, ‘NEXT GEN Marine HYBRID builds on our experience of running hybrid workshops since 2015 and working with literally hundreds of industry experts globally. The objective is to identify the potential of new technologies matched to specific applications. Our timeline is based on what can you specify now - by 2025 - by 2030.'

This course has been developed in response to the need for simple, concise information that enables decision makers to plan for energy transition in a changing world. The focus is on viable technology available now or in the near future.

Who Should Attend?

This unique one day course is for

ALL stakeholders involved in energy transition.

Relevant to end-user organisations, technology developers,

designers, manufacturers, distributors, boat builders, refit yards,

engineers, naval architects, ports and marinas.

Why Attend?

Delivers an independent view on the opportunities

and challenges presented by emerging technologies. 

Discussions enable end-users to ask questions

relevant to their vessel duty cycles and operating profiles.

Technology providers can see where they fit into the solution.


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