NEXT GEN Marine HYDROGEN - October 2022

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NEXT GEN Marine HYDROGEN via Zoom - 18 October 2022

With safety always front and centre, NEXT GEN Marine HYDROGEN brought end-users and industry together to address the burning issues and opportunities that hydrogen will bring.

Significant government funding on both sides of the Atlantic will rapidly build hydrogen infrastructure. Much of this will be around ports, leading to a ready supply of hydrogen for marine power and propulsion.

Workshop Lead John Haynes said, 'Since running the first edition of NEXT GEN Marine HYDROGEN in October 2021 the world has changed. Energy security and the drive for alternative fuels is now urgent. Obstacles and barriers to hydrogen adoption are rapidly being removed. For marine it is now essential to establish which fuels could cater for each sub-sector and what infrastructure will be required to support these changes.'

Expert presenters and dyamic panel discussions examine the facts behind the transport, storage and use of hydrogen. As innovative technology reaches high readiness levels and projects move from concept to application - how can we integrate this with operations at sea and when will it be available? 


Prof Alasdair Cairns - Chair of Propulsion Systems, University of Nottingham:
Hydrogen Fuel & Energy for Ships & Boats - From Ammonia & Methanol to Gas & Solid.

Dr Cedric Rouaud - Director Fuel Cell Systems, Bramble Energy:
Developing Fuel Cells for Maritime and Inland Waterway Applications.

Dr. Thomas Beard - Senior Analysis Engineer, BMT UK
Vessel Design for Safe Integration of Hydrogen and its Derivatives

Trevor Jasper - Director of Advanced Research and Development, CMB.TECH:
Developing Mobile Hydrogen Fueling Stations for Marine Operations.

Ed Newman - Chief Engineer, Clean Air Power:
Practical Hydrogen Fuel Technology for Internal Combustion Engines.

Albert Willemsen - Environment & Sustainability Lead:
How International Hydrogen Strategies are Evolving.

John Haynes - Managing Director, NEXT GEN Marine:
Hydrogen Vessels go from Concept to Application.

3 Classification Societies give views on Hydrogen Rules & Guidance

Peter Van de Graaf
Decarbonisation Business Development Manager
Lloyd’s Register

Kirk Waltz
Director, Government Services Business Development - Clean Energy Transition
ABS - American Bureau of Shipping

Kai Reichelt
Marine Engineer - Business Development Manager Testing

Panel Discussion:

How do we Classify Hydrogen Vessels?

What are the Obstacles & Barriers?

NEXT GEN topics are relevant to Workboats, Pilot Boats, Patrol Boats, Search & Rescue, Military, Offshore, Superyacht, Ports, Harbours and Marinas.

Attendees include Maritime Organisations, Commercial Operators, Boat Builders, OEM Manufacturers, Engineers, Naval Architects, Designers, Classification, Legislators.

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For information about NEXT GEN Workshops and Training contact:

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