NEXT GEN 2022 - Feedback

Outstanding presenters and high level group from both sides of the Atlantic came together to share cutting edge knowledge and lively discussion sessions. This collaborative approach is essential for marine Hydrogen to move forward safely.
John Haynes - Workshop Lead / Managing Director, NEXT GEN Marine

A superb workshop. All excellent presentations with a broad spectrum of perspectives on the current and real-life future evolution of Hydrogen and other alternative fuels. As one of the speakers said - what is in the public domain is only the tip of the iceberg of the R&D behind closed doors. The speed of these developments is extraordinary.
Capt Don Cockrill - Former Secretary General, UK Maritime Pilots Association

Thanks for hosting such a great event, it was the perfect mix of technology and policy based discussions.
Prof Alasdair Cairns - Dir of Powertrain Research Centre University of Nottingham

Personally I found it extremely informative and well hosted. John, your obvious rapport with the presenters brought the audience more than we would possibly have expected in a wider forum and the candid technical discussions certainly showed us all the merits of hydrogen fuel cells but also gave indicators to some of the future sticking points.
Commander Jim Ellis - Royal Navy, Future Capability Group

Thanks for another very engaging Hydrogen Workshop. Very good range of speakers sharing developing technology, experience and classification process in a short concise format - really good.
Charles Broughton - Principal Naval Architect, Babcock International Group

Thanks for a really interesting session today. Of particular interest was the work being done by Nottingham University (and partners), highlighting the potential for us to adapt to utilise the existing IC machinery in operation, along with utilising the existing depth & breadth of expertise (clearly on display today) in conventional/performance IC engineering. A really well run and thought-provoking balance of topics covered.
Jim Mair - Technical Director, Arksen

It really was an interesting event that I found very informative. Not only bringing together like minded individuals but in a forum that allows wider discussion. This event and future variants are a superb way in reaching wider audiences and support collaboration in solving some of these difficult problems.
Dr Thomas Beard - Senior Analysis Engineer, BMT Defence & Security

Thanks again for the workshop yesterday. It was great. I will be happy to participate in next ones!
Dr Cedric Rouaud - Director Fuel Cell Systems, Bramble Energy

Thank you for the excellent opportunity to show our Hydrogen powered boat and tell our story in the Zoom session. As a student team, we are always looking to form partnerships or collaborations.
Emma Alblas - Hydro Motion Team, Delft University of Technology, NL

The session was excellent. I found it very informative and it ran very smoothly.
Mark Fassenfelt - VULKAN UK, Business Development Manager South

Congratulations for putting on such a great workshop - very impressive. There was a lot of great new and innovative content and a lot of scope for transfer of technology to other sectors.
John Price - Director, JMP Systems Engineering / Former Airbus Group Innovations


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