NEXT GEN 2019 - Feedback

We focus on viable innovation and using people’s time effectively. We also know that having the right people onboard is essential and there is no substitute for meeting the experts face to face when asking the hard questions. We are really proud to have brought together this great group of innovators, industry and maritime professionals.
John Haynes – Workshop Lead

An excellent event whereby the presenters and the audience from diverse backgrounds were able to discuss a common goal of controlling exposure to vibration of crew involved in operating small boats.
Gurmail Paddan - Institute of Naval Medicine - Ministry of Defence

We must thank you and your team for organizing such a great event, the audience and other speakers were fantastic.
Andrew Pearce - Seakeeper

All 3 workshops were topical and professional. The delivery and direction of content was fantastic and generated some valuable professional interest and discussion. Thank you again for an inspiring workshop. I have walked away with some great thoughts and new contacts, it really was a pleasure to attend.
Chris Doran - Landau

Excellent as always.
Pete Sheppard - RNLI

Innovative knowledge and good discussion. Well worth attending.

John McCorquodale - MAIB

Thanks for a great event. HSE standpoint was very interesting.
Stephen Swann - Capital Seating

Very useful day as always. Really interesting to see how things are developing, even over a relatively short time period.

Peter Wilkes - RNLI

Location, facilities, material and knowledge were excellent. Information and discussions with Coastguard, MAIB, RNLI were particularly relevant and very useful. The various trade presentations of new innovations has brought us up to date, which we can feedback into the wider performance paddle-sport communities.
Jim Taylor-Ross MBE - GB Ocean Racing, British Canoeing

Rewarding event. Very well priced, worthy contributors and speakers.
Peter Jones - Crown Marine Seats

Enjoyed all. Thanks.
Nigel Hunter - MoD

Most interesting and would like to participate again in the future.
Andre Scott - Parker RIBs

My background is not maritime so I found the range of topics and quality of presentations extremely useful especially when applying / understanding the numerous issues within the RNLI.
Andy Byers - RNLI

Great workshop as always. Very informative and great humour from the speakers.
Alan Rillie - Scot Seat Group

All very relevant. Another good day orchestrated by the ever enthusiastic JH.
John Dixon - ISVR

Excellent! Can’t say more than that.
Pete Roberts - Brodr Hukkelberg

As someone who is involved in all aspects of maritime WBV mitigation apart from measuring RMS and VDV numbers, I was pleased to hear and see that movement is being made towards an appreciation of the HF aspects of boat and seat design.
Peter Pisula - Institute of Naval Medicine

Another excellent event, met some very interesting people. Looking forward to the next one.
Steve Beech - Safeguard Engineering

It was fantastic to have so many industry experts from varying areas of the operational marine world. Excellent conversations and information!
Renee St Lawrence - SKYDEX Technologies

Excellent networking event. Very well organised. Friendly atmosphere. Thank you for your warm welcome!
Christine Perrot Cornu - SEAir

Impressed at level of involvement of delegates in workshop events.
Peter Foot - Pallington Foot

Very good – Well done!
Simon Wood Power - Supermarine Powerboats

Liked variety of presenters.  In depth personal experiences. Great to speak to other delegates. Good and honest discussions.
James Hunt - Svitzer Marine

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