NEXT GEN SHOCK Mitigation Solutions Workshop

31 March 2020 was POSTPONED due to COVID-19

RS & WBV Marine Awareness Course

1 April 2020 was POSTPONED due to COVID-19

We had a number of key participants, relevant to the programme, that were unable to travel due to restrictions in their home country or rules from their organisation.

As the topics of this NEXT GEN Workshop are important to the marine industry we have moved the programme to 6 October 2020.

We will continue to monitor advice from the UK Department of Health.

Terms & Conditions:

RIB & HSC Ltd reserve the right to postpone or cancel events for any reason.

Refund Policy:

If Workshop or Training is postponed, any payment for places would be applied to the new date. If that date was not convenient we would then refund.

Postponement or Cancellation:

Compensation for postponement or cancellation will never exceed the amount already paid to RIB & HSC Ltd for attending the event.

RIB & HSC Ltd will not be liable for any indirect or consequential costs.

For further information please contact:

Event Manager: Claire Donnelly

Email: claire@shockmitigation.com


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