Man Overboard Plans need to be Simple and Tested

NEXT GEN Workshop Lead John Haynes at Hurst Castle. These waters mark the western entrance to The Solent with the Isle Of Wight on the far shore. As everything happens at once when a person falls overboard everyone who goes on the water needs to have a simple and tested man overboard plan. Does anyone notice that you are an MOB - how will they raise the alarm - has your lifejacket inflated - can you call for help with a handheld VHF - when is an AIS or a GPS personal locator beacon the best option - can you signal to rescuers with light or sound.

All of these hard questions are addressed at the NEXT GEN Man Overboard Prevention & Recovery Workshop in Southampton UK on 2 April 2019. Panel discussions enable maritime professionals to examine traditional methods versus next generation solutions - including when LED signalling lights and laser flares could be more effective than pyrotechnics & flares

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