Seawork 2023 - NEXT GEN Marine ENERGY Training

NEXT GEN Marine ENERGY Training is delivered in 4 hours. This cutting edge course has been developed to deliver in person or via Zoom or Teams for ALL organisations working with sub 24m (80 feet) vessels.

The aim is to provide awareness of changing energy requirements and the challenges of decarbonising anything from single vessels to large fleets. As coastal operations and energy infrastructure evolves this knowledge is increasingly important for vessels in the 25m to 100m range.

In half a day we can give an independent view on the opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technologies including battery-electric, hybrid systems and hydrogen as both an energy carrier and a fuel. Next generation marine energy needs to be safe, reliable, improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

From our work with significant organisations on both sides of the Atlantic it is clear that the internal combustion engine will be needed for many years to come. We look at how engines can be adapted to handle everything from alternative low carbon fuels to dual and multi fuels including hydrogen.

We have developed NEXT GEN Marine ENERGY to evolve with the latest knowledge. Our focus is on viable technology - available now or in the very near future. This course is in response to a need for simple, concise information that enables decision makers to plan for energy transition in a changing world.

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