Innovative Safety Workshops Announced for 2019

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3 One Day Workshops at Grand Harbour - Southampton UK

3 one day NEXT GEN Workshops will be held 'back to back' in the historic port of Southampton UK at the Grand Harbour hotel and conference venue on 2 3 4 April 2019.

The safety themed NEXT GEN programme builds on experience of running specialist training sessions and bringing together a unique mix of end-user organisations, solution providers and extensive maritime expertise.

An international group of experts armed with the latest knowledge will identify problems that affect the sub IMO / sub 24 metre (80 feet) maritime sector worldwide - and highlight potential solutions. The unique knowledge gained from NEXT GEN presentations and discussions will help to shape decisions that lead to improvements for in-service vessels and procurement of next generation systems that fit the evolving requirements of modern fleets in a changing world.

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Event organiser and Workshop Lead John Haynes said, 'In recent years less people are expected to do more work and time is becoming scarce for everyone in the marine industry. Our focused one day Workshops are designed to deliver fast moving and highly relevant sessions. I have personally asked a number of organisations what are their most burning issues. Their suggestions, along with feedback from recent NEXT GEN Workshops, have been used to develop the April 2019 programme.'

NEXT GEN Man Overboard Prevention & Recovery - 2 April 2019 >

DAY ONE - Man Overboard Workshop focuses on reducing the risk caused by people falling in the water on vessels of all sizes. All sectors are invited to participate in this unique one day event.

NEXT GEN Safety Systems & Equipment WORKSHOP - 3 April 2019 >

DAY TWO - Safety Systems and Equipment Workshop focuses on 'identifying and avoiding single point of failure at sea', effective safety, innovative communications, situational awareness and the human element.

NEXT GEN Shock Mitigation Solutions WORKSHOP - 4 April 2019 >

DAY THREE - Shock Mitigation Solutions Workshop focuses on 'shock mitigation by all means' for professional and military organisations, boat builders, equipment manufacturers, service providers and standards organisations.

Feedback from a recent NEXT GEN Workshop attendee sums up the objectives...

‘Whilst there I was bombarded with new and interesting ideas, facts and outlooks. Your infectious enthusiasm for these subjects is clearly rubbing off
on all those present!’

For Information about 2019 Safety Events Contact

Julie Arthur  julie@shockmitigation.com  +44 (0)7449 000228



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