Update on Shock Mitigation Workshop via ZOOM

NEXT GEN Shock Mitigation on 6 Oct is now a Digital Workshop via ZOOM. Workshop Lead John Haynes gives…

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The 1979 Fastnet - Storm Force 10 and Extreme Seas

John Haynes gives a view from sea level of the extreme conditions experienced by crews in the 1979…

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Fast Professional Boats Protecting People at the Edge

Many agencies use fast boats under blue skies on tropical seas to keep people safe. Southern Florida is…

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RIB & HSC with TB Maritime explaining Rafnar Hull

Dockside in Lymington UK getting to grips with the Rafnar hull phenomena. Innovative design linked to extensive…

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RIB & HSC on Rafnar RIB with no 'Hump Speed'

Fine running commentary from Tom of TB Maritime as 11 metre Rafnar hull goes from slow to…

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Man Overboard Plans need to be Simple and Tested

NEXT GEN Workshop Lead John Haynes at Hurst Castle. These waters mark the western entrance to The…

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NEXT GEN Workshop Lead at the Waters Edge

NEXT GEN Workshop Lead John Haynes - always on the lookout for hot topics and burning issues…

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PFD Collar Inflating on Ballistic Vest

Body armour with ballistic protection is essential for some organisations - but adds significant weight to personal…

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RIB Through Alderney Race against Spring Tides

The Motion of the Ocean - on 11 August we left St Helier Jersey on 'Grey Mist'…

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