About NEXT GEN Workshops

John Haynes AFNI FRINA - Workshop Lead

John has chaired a broad range of maritime conferences and workshops. Subject matter expertise includes 30 years professional sector training, consultancy and strategic product development. He has worked with over 100 organisations including military, SAR, police, commercial operators, designers, OEM equipment manufacturers and boat builders. He is an Associate Fellow of The Nautical Institute, Fellow of RINA, Commercial Yachtmaster…

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How ALL Marine Sectors can learn from Accidents & Incidents

Nicholas Hance - Principal Inspector, Marine Accident Investigation Branch

Nick started his career in the MOD as a naval architect in various posts relating to warship safety; specifically stability, hydrodynamics and human factors. In 2002 he joined the Marine Accident Investigation Branch as an inspector and has been a lead inspector for over 50 accidents, of varying types in different sectors of the marine industry. Accidents investigated include fishing vessel capsizes, a ro-ro ferry engine room fire, a tanker cargo release, windfarm vessel collisions and commercial yacht accidents. During his 17 years in the Branch Nick was also seconded to the…

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How A Rescue Evolves - HM Coastguard National Maritime Operations Centre

Karen Bosman - Maritime Operations Specialist, HM Coastguard

Karen is a Maritime Operations Specialist (MOS) based at the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) in Fareham. She has been a Coastguard for 10 years, having joined as a Direct Entry Watch Officer in Solent Coastguard. She eventually worked her way up to Watch Manager before Solent closed, and she moved to the NMOC as a Coastguard Technical Trainer specialising in Search Planning and SAR Mission Coordination. Prior to joining the Coastguard, Karen was a sailing instructor, working for British Offshore Sailing School. She also has extensive sailing experience,…

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2018 Portuguese Pilot Fatality – What happened and Lessons Learned

Miguel Vieira de Castro - President, APIBARRA (Portuguese Pilots Association)

Miguel Vieira de Castro is 51 years old and the proud father of three sons. He has been involved in the maritime sector for more than 28 years, when he started its career at sea, sailing mainly in Tankers and LPG/C. He graduated in 1990 BSc in Pilotage and took a Post Graduation Course in Maritime Law and a MSc in Port Management. Since 2001 he is a Maritime pilot, currently in Sines, Portugal, serving as a Senior Pilot. Two years ago he was appointed representative of the Port of Sines…

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Developing Integrated and Effective Life Saving Solutions for Real People At Sea

Alistair Hackett - Managing Director, Ocean Safety

Alistair spent 16 years as Logistics Director at The Challenge Business and was involved in the support of all 51 of the Global Challenge circumnavigations including that of Dee Caffari in 2005/6. Joined Ocean Safety in Southampton as General Manager in 2006 and within that role has also managed the supply of all the safety equipment and safety training for the last 3 Volvo Ocean Races. Alistair is a member of the RORC Special Regulations Committee and also the RYA Technical Committee. Ocean Safety…

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How Do We Keep Our Rescuers Safe At Sea

Lewis Arnold - Operations Manager (Lifeboats), RNLI

Lewis joined the RNLI as a volunteer in Portsmouth in 2007. He soon realised that Search & Rescue was something he had a passion for, becoming a member of the Flood Rescue team in 2008 and joining the Thames crew at Chiswick in 2009. He originally trained as a Mechanical & Electrical engineer working within industry for 16 years, progressing into management and overseeing several high-profile, critical government contracts. In 2017 he became a full-time employee of the RNLI as Operations Manager (Lifeboats). In…

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Breaking the Historical Paradigms of Maritime First Aid Training

Paul Savage OBE - Maritime Medical Solutions Consultant, Saviour Medical

Paul walked into a Lifeboat station on his 17th birthday and never left, initially volunteering at Poole and now at Tower Lifeboat in London. With his interest in remote and maritime paramedical medicine he joined the RNLI full time in 2005 as Clinical Operations Manager. He was responsible for the operational medical response of all of the UK and Eire’s Lifeboat crew, Lifeguards and Flood Response teams, as well as the architect and custodian of the Clinical Governance…

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How Maritime Autonomous Systems can support SAR Operations

James Fanshawe CBE - Chairman, Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group

James Fanshawe retired from the Royal Navy in 2005. An Anti-Submarine warfare specialist, he commanded HMS Hurworth, HMS Cleopatra, HMS Fearless and was the Commander United Kingdom Task Group and Commander of the Devonport Flotilla. He held several senior appointments ashore including Director of Plans at the UK Permanent Joint Headquarters. James works within a mixed commercial portfolio, chairing several companies and organisations. He chairs the UK’s Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group on behalf of the Marine Industries Alliance. This group has now…

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High Power Portable LED Work Lights with built in MOB Technology

Mark Covell - Marine Consultant, Exposure Lights

After a successful career as a professional sailor, Mark has enjoyed using his experience to consult and inform both public and business. Professional Sailor (1992-2015) - Volvo Ocean Race crew (2008-2009) - GBR Challenge British America’s Cup crew  (2003-2004) - Silver medallist Sydney Olympic Games (2000) - Five times World Champion in 5.5m Class (1996-2003) - World Champion in Etchells 22 (1995). Tactician and helmsman on three editions of the Sydney to Hobart race. He has witnessed winds up to 75 knots from deep in the southern ocean, while racing onboard a…

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PANEL DISCUSSION CONTRIBUTOR - Addressing The Burning Issues

Jon Lewis - Maritime Command, UK Border Force

Inspired by a voyage on the STA vessel “Winston Churchill” Jon started his career at sea as an Engineering cadet with Texaco overseas Tankships in 1979, studying at Reardon Smith in Cardiff and Warsash (Argyle Road) in Southampton. Jon joined HM Customs and Excise in 1985, joining the Cutter service (Marine Branch). He progressed from junior engineer to Chief Engineer in 1994, before coming ashore in 2012. After completing further training as an ISM Lead Auditor, DPA, Jon gained the NEBOSH General Certificate. Jon was promoted…

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Why Fundamental Navigation Principles still matter in the Digital Age

Commander Adam Northover - Fleet Navigator, Fleet Seamanship Officer and MoD Boats Manager - Royal Navy

Though originally from Cambridgeshire, Adam grew up by the sea from a young age in Cornwall and joined the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer in 1995. Early appointments included the Hong Kong Squadron serving in the Patrol Craft HMS Peacock, and Officer of the Watch in HMS Iron Duke during the Kosovo crisis. Following Navigation training he was appointed to the Falkland Islands Patrol Vessel, HMS Dumbarton Castle as Navigating Officer, and then the Type 42 Destroyer HMS Nottingham. Following Initial Command and Staff Course and Principle Warfare Officer Training,…

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Maritime Situational Awareness - Determination, Perception and Integrity

Captain Don Cockrill MBE CMMar FNI - Secretary General, UK Maritime Pilots Association

Don’s seafaring adventures began in 1973 as a cadet with Canadian Pacific (CP Ships) from where having progressed to master specialising in petro-chemicals he spent a brief period with Stolt-Neilson before joining the Port of London Authority as a pilot in 1991 where he still works as one of the senior pilots. Concurrently throughout almost all of that period he has been involved one way or another in the administration and work of the United Kingdom Maritime Pilots’ Association…

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A Stable Vessel is a Safer Vessel

James Coker - Account Manager Northern Europe, Seakeeper

James Coker joined the Seakeeper team in June 2017 after spending the previous 6 years working in the marine industry as an engineer specializing in vessel stabilization. By utilising proven Seakeeper solutions, James focuses on working with boat builders and professional end-users to stabilize vessels. His aim is to improve safety, reduce crew fatigue and increase the amount of time that vessels can spend at sea. Seakeeper was founded in 2003 for the purpose of researching, developing and marketing motion control devices for boats under 70 meters. The first Seakeeper shipped was…

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A Stable Vessel is a Safer Vessel

Andrew Pearce - Sales Representative Northern Europe, Seakeeper

Andrew joined the Seakeeper team in August 2018. The first ten years of his career were spent as a Commissioning Technician for marine propulsion systems. The last 2 years were spent diversifying into sales and project management roles, working with some prestigious yards in the U.K and Europe. With the focus of crew safety and fatigue reduction ever more present in the minds of commercial operators. Andrew’s key role includes working with the operators and builders in the commercial sector. He is also responsible for managing the dealer network within Northern…

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Autonomous Vessels can Improve Safety for Dull Dirty and Dangerous Tasks

Sally Dale - Managing Director, Pinpoint Electronics / Distributor for Sea Machines

Sally found her love of the sea when sailing as a child. She joined the Royal Navy to become an officer of the watch and communications officer. After a short career she became a manager at an RYA sailing school in Cape Town and then a captain and first mate in the super yacht industry before returning to the UK (and dry land) in 2004. Over the last 11 years Sally has worked for a number of marine electronic companies before establishing Pinpoint in 2015, with the purpose of introducing new…

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Integrated Remote Healthcare at Sea in the 21st Century

Dr Spike Briggs - Managing Director, Medical Support Offshore

Dr Spike Briggs CEng FRCA is a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia in the UK. He originally graduated with a degree in civil engineering, worked in the offshore industry for over ten years (including being at Piper Alpha in 1988), and then entered Medical School. He has sailed all his life, including a round the world yacht race in 1996. For the past twenty years, he has been involved in providing medical advice for many yacht races, including the Volvo Ocean Race and the America’s Cup. He is an…

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Balancing the Need For Speed with Reliability and Durability - of Boats and People

John Haynes - Managing Director, Shock Mitigation

John is an Associate Fellow of The Nautical Institute, Fellow of RINA, Commercial Yachtmaster Ocean and Advanced Powerboat Instructor. Subject matter expertise includes 30 years professional sector training, consultancy and strategic product development. He has worked with over 100 organisations including military, SAR, police, commercial operators, designers, OEM equipment manufacturers and boat…

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24/7 Effective Communications for Extreme Marine Environments

Kent Clarke - Military Business Development Manager

Kent Clarke’s background in both marine and aviation environments teams well with the direction the David Clark Company’s next phase of communications systems - the new digital and wireless communications systems. Kent was previously Director of the National Marine Center within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection. His experience in all facets of the law enforcement maritime community brings a uniquely combined end user and maintenance side to David Clark Company. With over 15 years in the aviation community and 12 years in the maritime community, he is certain…

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Challenges of Trialling Boats and Equipment in a Changing World

Duncan King - Head of Amphibious Trials & Development, Royal Marines

Duncan has an Engineering background working in many different companies and sectors including Automotive, Aerospace, Communications and Fabrication, where continued development work remains a passion both inside and outside work. Prominently working in production and manufacturing for test systems, manufacturing techniques and product improvements, from fine tuning production activities to developing manufacturing facilities and sites before joining the MoD in 2004 to develop support solutions for in-service equipment across a multitude of platforms for all the services. Duncan joined 11(ATT)Sqn in 2015 to manage a small team conducting craft and equipment trials…

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The Reality of Familiarity Breeding Contempt on High Speed Craft

Simon Wood Power - Managing Director, Supermarine Powerboats

Born into the world of powerboat racing Simon has raced in all classes of powerboats since the late 70’s. He worked for Cougar in the late 80's rigging and racing many offshore powerboats including the Virgin Atlantic Challenger One. Simon raced professionally in Italy in Class One for many years before several fatalities caused him to reassess and move back to the UK. He is a Harmsworth Trophy winner and also a multiple Cowes Torquay Cowes powerboat race winner. He holds a K7 Gold Star for breaking a World Speed Record…

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Vessel and Crew Health Monitoring to aid Operators Managing Fleets and Staff

James Glover - Managing Director, DYENA

A naval architect and design engineer with over 20 years experience in automotive, motorsport and high speed marine craft design with technical skills focused around mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system design. Before forming Dyena, James was Head of Engineering Design for a high performance powerboat company, focusing on defence and commercial high speed craft design. Since releasing their original device in 2012, Dyena has continued to advance their vessel monitoring systems, supplying government agencies including the Royal Navy, US Navy, and commercial wind farm operators such as EON and RWE.…

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Global Perspective on Shock Mitigation and the Reality at Sea Level

John Haynes - Managing Director, Shock Mitigation

John is an Associate Fellow of The Nautical Institute, Fellow of RINA, Commercial Yachtmaster Ocean and Advanced Powerboat Instructor. Subject matter expertise includes 30 years professional sector training, consultancy and strategic product development. He has worked with over 100 organisations including military, SAR, police, commercial operators, designers, OEM equipment manufacturers and boat builders. He has chaired a broad range…

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The Challenges of Integrating WBV Mitigation into Existing Fleets

Pete Sheppard - Senior Naval Architect, RNLI

Pete Sheppard C.Eng MRINA is a Senior Naval Architect at the RNLI and manages the whole body vibration mitigation work within the Engineering Office. Pete joined the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in 2006 with extensive knowledge and experience in composites and boat building. He has been running a program of measurement, research and development into Whole Body Vibration monitoring and its effects across the RNLI’s fleet. He has started to combine this learning with the particular human factors seen on Search and Rescue vessels. In addition, Pete has been responsible…

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Comparing Innovative and Traditional Lifeboat Design - Nh1816 & Arie Visser Class

Hans van der Molen - Head of Technical Projects & Innovation, KNRM (Royal Netherlands Lifeboat)

Hans has been working for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue organisation for over 27 years as technical superintendent, where he is currently in charge of a small team which is responsible for technical projects and technical innovation. Hans started his career in the merchant navy as one of the first ships engineer / navigation officer generation. After being stationed 2 years in Japan and Korea as part of a new building team for container vessels and a career at sea for almost 9 years, Hans decided to join the lifeboat services,…

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SHOXS - Cutting edge update on suspension seating innovations and industry led technology

Andrew Hughes - Business Development - Europe, SHOXS

Andrew is SHOXS business development manager for Europe where he wants to bring the best shock mitigation technology to all types of users. Andrew has worked within the military boats sector for the majority of his working life. After completing engineering training, he moved to boat building at RTK Marine. Working on the laminating, electrical, engineering and general fit out of the craft before moving into the testing and commissioning of the craft. RTK was bought by VT Halmatic where he worked as a Sales Executive, test coxswain and commissioning engineer including…

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Update on British Standards Whole Body Vibration Panel

Phill Moxley - Senior Noise and Vibration Engineer, Frazer-Nash / BS WBV Panel

Phill is a Senior Engineer with Frazer-Nash Consultancy, working within the Measurement, Noise and Vibration Group. As part of this, he has spent the past two years embedded at the Naval Design Partnering, where he has been leading the UK MoD’s vibration dosimetry program, undertaking first of class trials on platforms fitted with shock mitigating seats, and developing the MoD’s shock mitigating seat testing and procurement process. Additionally, Phill has been working as a UK expert on behalf of BSi within ISO WG18,…

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SHOCKWAVE - Cutting edge update on suspension seating innovations and industry led technology

Sean Gerrett - Sales Manager, Shockwave

Sean has been involved with the specification, business development and sales of suspension seating projects to maritime professionals globally since 2001. Since Shockwave entered the marine market he has worked with most major military and professional sector organisations in the US and Canada to support the integration of suspension seats and shock mitigation systems into fleet level procurements of high speed craft for navy, coast guard, government, municipal and commercial roles. He has engaged with numerous international clients, ranging from Special Forces groups to individual marathon powerboat racers setting world records, ensuring…

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Non-Mechanical Shock Mitigation Solutions for Marine Seating and Decking

James Taylor - President & CEO, SKYDEX Technologies

For almost 30 years Jim Taylor has been focused on developing innovative and highly engineered products for a variety of technically demanding industries. As President & CEO of SKYDEX since 2014, Jim has focused the company on technology innovation, streamlining its development processes and expanding the applications of its technology portfolio. He is proud of the hard work and dedication of the SKYDEX team that is providing its customers with outstanding service…

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SCOT SEATS - Cutting edge update on suspension seating innovations and industry led technology

Jonathan Young - Managing Director, Scot Seats

Scot Seats Group is a family owned and operated business based in Ayrshire, Scotland. Scot Seats Direct design and manufacture seating solutions for multiple transport sectors and are a market leader in seating for commercial vehicles, buses, trains, fire engines and military use. In-house skills include metal fabrication, joinery, upholstery, spray painting, coating and composite manufacture. Facilitating both small and large orders to customers’ specific requirements, as well as numerous customised specialist seating and mounting systems. All seats comply with regulations pertaining to each industry for which they are…

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Managing Whole Body Vibration in small boats within the Ministry of Defence

Gurmail Paddan – Head of Acoustics & Vibration, Institute of Naval Medicine

Gurmail graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Bath University, followed by a PhD from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR), University of Southampton on the effects of vibration on the human body (biodynamics). He has worked on all aspects of humans and vibrations including whole-body, hand-arm and motion sickness. He was a Senior Research Fellow at the ISVR before taking up the post of Head of Acoustics and Vibration at the Institute of Naval Medicine Gosport UK. The Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) is a Centre of Excellence which brings…

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HSE Position on Whole Body Vibration in Boats and Current Exemptions

Paul Delderfield - Specialist Inspector of Health & Safety (Noise & Vibration), Health & Safety Executive

Paul studied Automotive Engineering at university and has worked in control of noise and vibration for over 25 years. He worked in the automotive industry for 26 years, 22 years of which were for a renowned consultancy providing noise and vibration solutions to the automotive industry in Europe, China, India and Korea. During his time in automotive consultancy he carried out a number of workplace noise and vibration assessments and carried out projects to reduce the exposure of employees to noise and vibration. Since April 2015, Paul has been employed…

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PANEL DISCUSSION CONTRIBUTOR - Addressing The Burning Issues

Dr Thomas Coe - Whole Body Vibration, Noise and Anthropometry Project Manager, RNLI

Dr Thomas Coe is currently a Whole Body Vibration, Noise and Anthropometry Project Manager at the RNLI. Previously he was a Senior Consultant with Frazer-Nash Consultancy, seconded to the Naval Design Partnering Team as the High Speed Craft Principal Engineer and Technical Lead of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) Maritime Whole Body Vibration Project. He has been involved in small fast craft for most of his career, having completed a PhD in the subject from Southampton University, conducted numerous at sea and laboratory trials. In his spare time volunteering with a number…

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